elegant, flexible & innovative wall tile

We design, produce and distribute 3D wall panels that add excitement to any environment.

you are uniquely you, and your wall paneling should reflect that!

Created to be a one-of-a-kind piece, our wall paneling carries distinct variations in finish, patina, texture, grain and overall character that create the unique diversity and natural elegance to your wall coverings.


Vertical Illusion wall tile is manufactured with a rigid urethane which makes it lighter, less expensive, and easier to install.


Vertical Illusion utilizes industry standard foils from leading companies such as Dackor, Synergy and Alfatherm ensuring architectural design can maintain consistency across all platforms.



We strive to give you the most versatile wall tile on the market by giving you individual pieces as opposed to large format planks enabling you to rearrange them in a myriad of different patterns.


About Vertical Illusion

We formed Vertical Illusion to design, produce and distribute three-dimensional parts that will add excitement to any environment. Our initial product offering is 8 designs and 8 colors. The installation options are exponential due to the product being offered in individual parts rather than in the standard 4’x8’ wall panels. This allows for creativity and versatility in both the color selection and the installation method. The ease of installation, the lack of advance prep work and ongoing maintenance, the lightweight and water resistant nature of the product, and the beauty of the designs are sure to make this product a hit.